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Privileges & Duration:

Users Category

No. of Books Issue Period
Junior College 01 07 Days
Degree 01 07 Days
Post Graduation 02 07 Days
Professional Courses 02 03 Days
Teaching 10 90 Days
Non-Teaching 05 90 Days

* Reference and Rare Books will not be issued outside of Library.

Library Fine Policy:

No. of Days 

Fine (In Rs.)

01 Day Till return of Book 01 Rs. per Day


Book Bank Facility
The College Library has various sections to help the needy and deserving students.
These are facilities for college book-bank and book lending. Full sets of books are lent to the
students of B.Com & M.Com Students for one full academic year against normal service charges.


A user can renew a book two times after issuing. First time renew can be done through online by login to your account, select the renewable item(s) and click on renew or user can came to the library physically with the books and ID card and renew the book(s). Second time the user must have come to the library with book(s) and ID card and have to renew it due to the online renewable facility is not available second time. If the user wants the book again then he/she have to return book(s) first and the issue again.

However if any user reserve any issued item(s) then the holder of that particular item(s) can't issue or renew the item after reserve.


If any book(s) is issued to any user and no copy is available in the library then the user can hold/reserve the book(s). The user can reserve the item(s) online by login to their account after searching the book in OPAC or asked at the circulation counter. A user can reserve maximum two books. One book can be reserved my many users. The user can have the book(s) withing 3 days after returning by the previous  user. The user will be informed through e-mail about the availability of the book(s) in the library.

Replacement of Book
If the user loses/damages a book, he/she has to return the exact/latest edition of the book to the Library.

  • A Xerox or photocopy of a book shall not be acceptable in lieu of a printed book.
  • A soft cover or low priced edition will not be accepted in lieu of a hard cover edition.
  • If the user loses one volume of a multi-volume set and is unable to replace the lost volume, he/she has to pay the cost of the entire set of volume.
  • In case out of print books, minimum of Rs. 500/- or the publishers price/from renowned website like Amazon etc. whichever is higher plus fine and processing fee. In case of foreign books, the price paid will be calculated in foreign currency and converted to Indian rupees at current rate of conversion. If the user chooses to replace the book by a second hand copy, the library may accept it or at the discretion of the HOD library considering the condition of the book.
  • In case of obsolete or otherwise difficult-to-convert currencies, US $ will be taken as standard.
  • In case of loss of rare/valuable books director may impose more fines/disciplinary action in conjunction with above rules with the recommendation of the Librarian.


General Rules:

1. Every student should produce his / her identity card with the photograph firmly pasted
to it and signed by the Principal to get a Library Card issued. The identity card must be
produced on demand.
2. Books are issued strictly in order of application. It is left to the discretion of the
Librarian not to issue certain books when circumstances so warrant.
3. Books are issued for the exclusive personal use by the applicant. Anyone found
applying for books for another person may be denied the library facilities.
4. The college Book Bank scheme has been extended for the benefit of needy and
deserving students of Degree College.
5. If a book is lost or damaged, present replacement cost (and not the price) must be paid
by the reader in whose name it was issued. The replacement cost of the book will be assessed by the Librarian.

6. A book is issued for seven days at a time. However, a book may be issued for less then
seven days if there is a great demand for it.
7. A fine of one rupee per book per day including Sundays and holidays will be levied on
all books retained without renewal by reader beyond the due date. Repeated failure on
this score may lead to the cancellation of the library card. The fine may be enhanced
during examination period.
8. The Librarian reserves the right to recall any book or periodical at any time.
9. All books borrowed must be returned before claiming the refund of caution money or
any other deposit.
10. Perfect silence and quiet atmosphere must be maintained in the library. Talking in and
near the library premises is strictly prohibited. Teaching and group discussion are not
allowed in the library.
11. Refreshments are not permitted in the Library.
12. Disregard of Library rules, indiscipline and misbehavior will render students liable to
be refused access to the Library and or any other kind of punishment.
13. Mobile phones / Lap Top / Tablets etc. are strictly prohibited in the library.

14. The Library will not accept responsibility for the loss or misplacement of personal belongings.





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