The course for the three-year degree of Bachelor of Commerce has been restructured by the University of Mumbai with effect from 1992-93. A student of commerce faculty is required to offer 20 papers spread over 3 years of the B.Com Degree course. Of these 7 have to be studied in first year, 6 in second year, and 7 in third year.


Admission to the degree course is given only at the commencement of the first term and candidates have to apply for it in the prescribed form.
Candidate seeking admission to the First Year B.Com course should have passed the H.S.C. examination of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Education or an equivalent examination.
Students from other universities (including foreign Universities) and examination boards other than the Maharashtra State Board for Secondary and Higher Education seeking admission to any class at the college will be considered for admission only on production of a certificate of eligibility from the university of Mumbai.
Students migration from other colleges must produce a transfer certificate / NOC from the college last attended. Admission if granted in this college, will be provisional till the transfer certificate is produced.
Every candidate admitted to any degree course in the college shall have to register himself / herself with the university. He / She should therefore apply for the university enrolment on the prescribed application.
If a student desires to get his name removed from the roll of the college in the second term, intimation to that effect must reach the principal in writing within a week before the opening of the college for the second term, failing which the student will have to pay fees for the whole of the second term.
If a student wishes to join another college in the second term, he has to obtain written permission of the principals of both the colleges, especially No Objection Certificate (NOC) from this college.
If a student desires to join another college during the middle of the term, written permission must be obtained form the college and the university. However no claim can be made for the refund of fees or part thereof paid for the term.
Students who have passed the Std. XII examination through this college should seek admission to the F.Y.B.Com. class within seven days of declaration of the HSC results. If they fail to do so, the college authorities will be free to admit students from other institutions. However no student can claim admission as a matter of right. Similarly a student eligible for admission to the S.Y.B.Com. or T.Y.B.Com. class should seek admission to it within 15 days of declaration of the results of the qualifying examinations.
Students having a gap in the course of education should submit an affidavit declaring what they did during the intervening period. Such an affidavit must be submitted together with the admission form.
Original documents (with at least one certified copy of each) mark sheet or qualifying examination/s, School/College leaving certificates and other necessary documents must be submitted together with the completed admission form.
Admissions are available in M.Com. & M.Sc & (I.T.)
Enrollment for M.Com will be governed by the rules framed by the University from time to time. Candidates must have passed the University degree or any examination considered equivalent to it. The college however retains the right to refuse admission without assigning any reason.

First year B.Com. 7 Papers (each of 100 Marks) in each Sem I & II Second year B.Com. 6 Papers (each of 100 Marks) in each Sem III & IV
1. Foundation Course: Paper-I & II 1. Foundation Course: Paper-III & IV
2. Business Economics: Paper-I & II 2. Business Economics: Paper-III & IV
3. Business Communication 3. Business Law
4. Environmental Studies 4. Commerce: Paper-III (Business Environment & Development) & IV
5. Commerce: Paper-I (Fundamentals of Marketing & Finance) 5. Accounting & Financial Management: Paper-III & IV
6. Accounting & Financial Management: Paper-I & II 6. Accounting & Financial Management: Paper-V & VI
7. Mathematical & Statistical Techniques 7. Any ONE of the following applied Component Subjects
i. (Computer Programming) or ii. (Advertising)
Third year B.Com 6 Papers (each of 100 Marks) in each Sem V & VI
1. Management & Human Resource Development
2. Business Economics: Paper-V & VI
3. & 4 Special Group: Accountancy
i. Financial Accounting – I
ii. Auditing and Costing – II
5. & 6 Any TWO of the Following Applied Components Subjects
i. Direct and Indirect Taxation
ii. Computer Systems and Application
iii. Export Marketing
iV. Literature in Urdu Language

Download Latest Syllabus: F. Y. B. Com.   S. Y. B. Com. and T. Y. B. Com.

Particulars F.Y.B.Com. S.Y.B.Com. T.Y.B.Com.
Tuition fees 800.00 800.00 800.00
Library fees 200.00 200.00 200.00
Gymkhana fees 200.00 200.00 200.00
Other fees/Extra Curri. Fees 250.00 250.00 250.00
College Exam fees 1280.00 1200.00 1560.00
University Enrollment fees 220.00
Disaster Relief Fund 20.00 20.00 20.00
Adm. Processing fees 200.00 200.00 200.00
University Utility Charge 250.00 250.00 250.00
Magazine fees 100.00 100.00 100.00
Identity Card 50.00 50.00 50.00
Group Insurance Fees 40.00 40.00 40.00
Student Welfare Fund 50.00 50.00 50.00
Development Fees 500.00 500.00 500.00
University Vice Chancellor Fund 20.00 20.00 20.00
University Sport and Culture Act 30.00 30.00 30.00
E. Suvidha 100.00 100.00 100.00
E. Charges 20.00 20.00 20.00
Computer and Practical Fees 600.00 600.00
Computer Laboratory Fee 500.00 500.00
Alumni Association fees 25.00 25.00 25.00
Caution Money 150.00
Library Deposit 250.00
Total 4615.00 5155.00 5915.00

Note: The above stated fees is likely to be revised by the university from the current academic year. if revised, the student has to pay the difference of fees.
(subject to the approval of shikshan shulka samiti appointed pursuant to the order of supreme court.)

1): For new admission in S.Y.B.Com. or T.Y.B.Com. class, the caution money and library deposit will be charged separately.
2):In addition, the parents will have to pay an amount of Rs. 20/- towards parent-Teacher Association(PTA).
3):* Does not include the charges for printouts.