ICC – Internal Complaint Committee

The college has a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment.
The Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) of the college was constituted in February, 2017 as per the requirement of the University Grants Commission (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees and Students in Higher Educational Institutions) Regulations, 2015.

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ICC – Internal Complaint Committee – Compliance

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Members of Internal Complaints Committee:


Ms. Shaikh Sabera Mohd. HusainPost graduate Studentkirti.menghani@apcollege.edu.in+917045095683


Ms. Faiza ShaikhUnder Graduate Studentkirti.menghani@apcollege.edu.in+919372553001


Mr. Shaikh SahnoorUnder Graduate Studentkirti.menghani@apcollege.edu.in+91…………..


Ms. Shaikh FatimaUnder Graduate Studentkirti.menghani@apcollege.edu.in+918591701023

Sr. No.

Name of the Member

ICC Designation

E-mail ID

Contact No.


 Asso. Prof. (Mrs.) Kirti Menghani Presiding Officer kirti.menghani@apcollege.edu.in +919324679730


 Asso. Prof. (Dr.) Salim J. Khan Faculty Member kirti.menghani@apcollege.edu.in +917738925266


 Asst. Prof. (Mrs) Vaishali Bankar Faculty Member kirti.menghani@apcollege.edu.in +919869022558


 Mrs. Haya Shaikh Faculty Member kirti.menghani@apcollege.edu.in +919821674353


 Mrs. Tanveer Khan Faculty Member kirti.menghani@apcollege.edu.in +919222205229


Mr. Ansari Mohammed Rehan Non Teaching Staff Member kirti.menghani@apcollege.edu.in +919930530471


Mr. Sharique Raza Shaikh External Member (NGO) kirti.menghani@apcollege.edu.in +919819934990

List of ICC Committee

CWDC – College Women Development Cell
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